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Economiser Coils

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  • Economizers thermal power plant

These are boiler feed-water heaters in which the heat from waste flue gases is recovered to raise the temperature of feed water supplied to the boiler, thereby increasing the Fuel Economy, Steaming Capacity, Life of the Boiler and Reducing Pollution.

We have fabricated various types Economizers Coils, (Plain Tubular Economizers, Finned Economizers Cast lron Gilled Economizers), Feed water heaters Evaporator Coils etc. The main problem faced by boiler engineers is the Erosion of the Eco-Coil tubes and mainly at bends. We offer innovative Solutions to extend the life of the Coils by providing Cassette baffles for bends, Half Tubes Sleeves for upper tubes, SS full Sleeved tubes etc.

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Boiler economiser Coil
Boiler economiser Tubes
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